Help for workplace bullying

Dear Working Wise: One of my coworkers is spreading lies about me and saying that I’m terrible at my job. I love my job, but I hate going to work now and I’m thinking of quitting. I don’t… more »

Cut your own hair (and other money saving tips)

Learning new skills to save money
One thing about a major economic downturn, it reminds people that they can learn to do certain things for themselves. more »

What the heck is an IQAS assessment?

Dear Working Wise: What is an IQAS assessment? I received a resumé with an IQAS assessment attached saying that the applicant’s education that he earned in India is the same as a two-year… more »

Landowners under siege

I’ve had a rash of phone calls and visits lately from landowners who don’t know where to turn to when needing solid advice on their rights. more »

A country wave

Polite and friendly are two words often used when speaking of Canadians. While they are fine descriptors of the population in general—or most of it—perhaps we can add a little more to the… more »

And so the years went by…

The Barr Colonists had another life before coming to the west.
We only need a glimpse into their remarkable history to see that it wasn’t all work and no play. more »

Letters to the editor

Why the extra money, council? Dear editor: At the June 27/2016 regular council meeting I appeared before council at the public hearing portion re: Bylaw 19-2016. This bylaw was for the 2016 Water and… more »

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