Savour an Elvis double down

By Geoff Lee

June 7, 2018 9:48 AM

Canada’s top Elvis tribute artist Pete Paquette of Toronto will team up with England’s top Elvis tribute artist Chris Connor for A Tribute to Elvis in Concert at the Vic Juba Community Theatre on June 9. SUPPLIED PHOTO

Double down on Elvis Presley soon at the Vic Juba Community Theatre.
A Tribute to Elvis in Concert is scheduled the evening of June 9 featuring Pete Paquettte and Chris Connor, two of the world’s top Elvis tribute artists.
Paquette is one of Canada’s top Elvis tribute artists and the show’s producer, Paquette Productions while Connor is one of the U.K.‘s top Elvis tribute acts.
This dynamic duo has been performing their high energy tribute show in front of thousands of Elvis fans across Canada with Lloydminster selected to host their first show in Alberta.
“We’ve done a lot of research based on other shows that have gone there and the reputation of the theatre,” said Paquette about our city.
“We feel there is a great Elvis fan base there just based on our own research and a lot of feedback as well from promoters that have gone there as well.”
Paquette said the concept of two Elvises on stage works really well.
“I have really made a reputation for myself as a young Elvis in the 50s, but I am a little older now so I am able to do those eras that are just perfect when Elvis came back in the black leather outfit in 1968,” he said.
“So I take on the first half of the show.”
He said Connor, who takes over the second half of the show, is known for portraying Elvis in his live concert years of the 70s when he wore jumpsuits.
“Chris Connor is doing the Vegas years and I am doing the 50s and leather—it’s going to be a great combination.,” said Paquette.
He said what makes the show a success is that it is backed by what he calls an incredible 11-piece band with a horn section and the Tonnettes as three female back up vocalists.
“They have their own reputation as phenomenal gospel rooted singers and bring a lot to the show,” said Paquette.
“So people are in for a nice three dimensional show—great costumes, authentic and doing it for real.”
Paquette said the show appeals to all ages from youth to adults who have seen Elvis live in the good ole days.
“I believe Elvis lives on for the reason being he does appeal to everyone,” said Paquette, noting his music crossed many genres such as country, western, rock and operatic ballads.
“He was really an all-time great entertainer who was real and genuine and was the ultimate American success story.”
Paquettte noted Elvis fans will also appreciate he and Connor are tribute artists, not Elvis impersonators.
“I don’t pretend that I’m Elvis on stage; I am very much myself within an Elvis characterization in some way,” he said.
“They really get to see the true Pete Paquette on stage and I talk to the audience—there is no play that I’m doing; there is no script.”
He expects the Lloyd show will be a very personable and an infectious one with the audience coming to know and love him and Connor as tribute performers.
“That’s the foundation of why our shows have endured the times right now—it makes it look all that more authentic in the way you perform it.”

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