Two ATCO agreements passed

By Jessica Dempsey

May 16, 2018 3:32 PM

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City council approved two bylaws to ensure new agreements are in place for ATCO Electric and ATCO Gas.
ATCO Electric’s agreement is for 10 years, while the ATCO Gas is for 12 years, with additional renewals proposed as well.
“It’s a housekeeping business relationship, but we want to ensure everyone understands in the public, and nothing gets signed behind closed doors at council. The contracts that we enter into affect the entire city and we want to make sure people understand that,” said Mayor Gerald Aalbers.
The length of the agreements was beneficial in the long-term Aalbers noted, especially because it showed the importance of the relationship they have with both parties. 
“The economy certainly, long-term viability for both parties. ATCO makes an investment in our community, they are looking for some insurance from the business perspective … I know ATCO isn’t going anywhere and neither is the city,” he said.
Coun. Michael Diachuk said it shows good partnership to be able to get the agreements done.
“I think in terms of some of the work we have just agreed to with replacement of lights and alike save us money. It’s good to see a company that serves Albertans, serves us well, and actually save us some money down the road in terms of keeping us looking like a first-class city,” he said.

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