Peewee Colts win Labour Day Classic

By Jamie Harkins

September 6, 2017 4:03 PM

CONTROLLING THE GROUND GAME Colts running back Kade Pilkey charges through the Guard Dogs line. JAMIE HARKINS LLS PHOTO

The Lloydminster peewee Colts snuck past the Wainwright Guard Dogs in the real Labour Day Classic.
The Colts used a solid come-from-behind second half to down the Guard Dogs 47-42 at Wainwright’s Commando Field on Monday afternoon. The Guard Dogs entered the final 24 minutes with a 23-20 lead, after engaging the Colts in a tit-for-tat opening two quarters.
Kevin Pilkey, head coach of the Colts, said the group was a little unfocused heading into the season opener and the Guard Dogs took advantage.
He said they regrouped after the half and came out strong in the third and fourth quarters, allowing the team to escape the Guard Dogs’ compound with the win.
“The kids had to have that bit of warm up to get things moving along,” said Pilkey.
“A lot of that credit goes to (Caden) Anderson and (Kade) Pilkey. When they get the ball it’s moving. They cover a lot of ground.”
Anderson scored three rushing touchdowns against the Guard Dogs, while also picking up two extra points by running the ball into the end zone on conversion attempts.
Pilkey made good on one convert in the second half, but set the tone early in the first quarter by completing a number of impressive runs through the Guard Dogs defence.
Colts quarterback Matthew Cavanagh said they couldn’t seem to play contained defence in the first half, so the Guard Dogs would always get the ball outside on their runs and beat their corners for the score.
He said the defensive ends made an attempt to get out wide in the second half, resulting in more backfield tackles.
“We just picked up our game and the defence made some stops,” added Anderson.
Pilkey said the Colts practiced for about two weeks in anticipation of the Guard Dogs match, and will now enjoy another two weeks of training before taking the field next against the Lloydminster Steelers on Sept. 16.
He said they’ll spend that time reviewing their play at Commando Field while also getting in a bit of work at the different aspects of the game that are hoped to be instilled in the players by season’s end.
“It’s a good start,” said Anderson. “We just got to keep it up.”

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