Bicycle weather without a bike

By Jamie Harkins

May 18, 2017 12:00 AM

Since the spring snow melted—hopefully for the last time a few weeks ago—joggers and bicyclists have been a daily sight.
I haven’t been one of them yet. That’s because I don’t own a pair of running shoes, plus I’m lazy, and I gave my newly refurbished Supercycle Hooligan up for adoption a little over two months ago.
The bike was a Christmas gift from my sister, Amanda, and her husband, Cory, and my only time with it involved imagining the paths we’d happily take this summer as it laid against my kitchen wall at my old apartment in Estevan.
The decision to give the bike to whomever may accept it happened on the morning of March 2.
The afternoon of March 1 was sunny and a warm 4 C, so after I walked out of the Estevan Mercury office for the final time I spent the remainder of the afternoon packing my car from floor to roof and side to side with almost everything I owned.
The plan was to install the newly bought bicycle rack and the bike onto the roof of my car the next morning before hitting the road to Lloydminster.
I spent about 45 minutes trying to fix the rack to the roof with the tiny provided hex key in -25 C snow and wind before disgustingly tossing the awkward metal monstrosity into a nearby dumpster and placing the bike unlocked beside the wall of my building.
I keep wondering if it’s still there.
The bike, not the rack.
I hope the rack rots in Hell, which is a cold winter and not the hot Paradise Lost as past scribes have pictured.
Bikes get stolen all the time for reasons right and wrong. This offering was to the poor soul who needs it and I hope it found the rightful rider.
I’ve been scouring garage sales to find a bike to take its place and lead me on those dreamy summer paths that I envisioned five months ago.
The search has been less than fruitful so far, but there’s always a chance.
The prospect of starting a jogging routine is also an option, but I’m wary of the less than researched possible long term knee problems caused by the exercise. Please understand that jogging is better than not jogging, so don’t adhere to my stupid excuse-laden reasoning.
Again, I’m lazy.
Apart from swimming, I can’t imagine a better pastime or exercise than jogging or biking. What better way is there to get outside and experience everything the world has to offer.
My goal is to bike from Victoria to St. John’s one day to see the true beauty of Canada. But, for now, I’m just looking to bike from home to work and back.
Or at least go for a late-afternoon jog after sitting at a stuffy desk all day.

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