By Geoff Lee

March 16, 2017 12:00 AM

Mount Joy Snow Resort will throw a season ending Snowfest party this weekend with some of the best ski conditions of the year.
“With the snow making facilities that we put it this year right to the top, we’ve got an excellent snow base,” said Lana Oster, director of concessions.
The celebration kicks off March 18 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with a two-for-one lift pass offer with a winter finale on Sunday with the same hours of operation.
“Sunday is our big wind-up where we are winding up for the season,” said Oster.
The Goat 106.1 will call the closing day action with snowboard races, ski and slalom races and a media challenge cardboard race from 1:30 to 4 p.m.
The fun will include a ski and snowboard cross race as well.
“Like the Olympics, we are going to have actual slalom races down one of the hills and then we’re going to have a cross where a bunch of people go at once,” said Oster.
There will be trophies and medals awarded for each event.
String, glue and cardboard are the only materials allowed for the second annual media cardboard box derby sleds with the fastest one claiming the trophy. 
“Last year, we didn’t have any that made it down the hill in full completion,” laughed Oster.
The winter wind up will serve up barbecue hamburgers and hot dogs with concession treats and face painting to boot.
The Lloydminster Rescue Squad, Lions Club and Harley Owners Group members will help out the Mount Joy volunteers.
“Our volunteers have put in a lot of hours this year; they had a great season, but were all quite tired,” said Oster.
Looking back, Oster said compared with last year, the resort had a way better season in 2017.
“We had a couple of weekends where we couldn’t open because it was too warm, but all in all, we were open more than last year.”
Skier reaction to the new snowmaking system has been predictably good.
“They are amazed when they come out because if you look at the fields along the way, it’s quite bare,” she said.
“We were able to put down a good base with the new snowmaking and some long hours with our volunteers.
When the resort closes, planning will get underway for next year with a $4,700 grant from Devon Energy coming in April for training for ski patrollers and first aid for members.
Oster said the resort will also be looking at some future developments in the off season.

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