Order up for the Food Bank

By Kassidy Christensen

March 9, 2017 11:02 AM

CANNED LOVE From left, Rock Creek Tap and Grill's Chef Ahmor Casinillo, Maj. Lisa O'Doherty, community ministries officer with the Salvation Army Lloydminster, Jim Spenrath, owner of Rock Creek and Janice Van Berkel, manager of Rock Creek, show just some of the 2,420 cans of soup donated to the Salvation Army Food Bank of Lloydminster. KASSIDY CHRISTENSEN LLS PHOTO

Rock Creek Tap and Grill Lloydminster took it upon themselves to Soup It Forward to the Salvation Army Food Bank of Lloydminster.
The Soup It Forward campaign ran throughout the month of December at Rock Creek and with every bowl of soup purchased at the restaurant throughout the month, one can of Campbell’s soup was donated to the Food Bank. In total, 2,420 cans of soup were donated.
Jim Spenrath, owner of Rock Creek, said due to being in the food business, it made sense to do something related to food.
“We were quite aware of the plight of the Food Bank, so it made sense for us to get on board with something that we could help out with,” Spenrath said.
Further to which Spenrath said in a statement, “We are so happy to work with Campbell’s, a Canadian company synonymous with soup, in delivering the product. Thank you to our wonderful guests for getting behind this endeavour.”
Spenrath said some customers purchased a bowl of soup despite not necessarily wanting one since it was for a good cause.
“(For) some people it impacted their choice in sides, rather than say have fries they had soup because they knew that soup would get forwarded and it would be an extra can for the food bank,” he said.
Spenrath said it felt really good and was pretty happy to be involved with the campaign.
“I think right now the need has never been higher (at the Food Bank) and there are fewer people to be able to help so I think it’s a good time to do something like this,” he said.
Maj. Lisa O’Doherty, community ministries officer with the Salvation Army Lloydminster, said they are really thankful to have a mass supply of soup come in.
“It’s great because without community partnerships we wouldn’t be able to assist and soup is always needed,” O’Doherty said.
This donation has filled a large gap at the Food Bank, and O’Doherty said they were completely out of soup prior to the donation being made mid-February.
All 2,420 cans donated were tomato soup, which O’Doherty explained can be used for more than just soup, “It can be thrown in with a pasta or a rice dish and makes a whole meal.”
O’Doherty extended her thanks to Rock Creek for all they did with the donation.
Spenrath said Rock Creek plans to run the same campaign again next year.
“We do support various community activities and things throughout the year, but this is has probably been the highlight of our year,” he said.

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