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February 14, 2017 12:00 AM

Why the extra money, council?

Dear editor:
At the June 27/2016 regular council meeting I appeared before council at the public hearing portion re: Bylaw 19-2016.
This bylaw was for the 2016 Water and Sewer Replacement program, for which a tendered price was awarded for $1,536,178.
The bylaw was for the sum of $1,850.000. 
My question to council was, why the $313,822 extra to an awarded contract??
Administration did not seem to have an answer and was prepared to let it slide until councillor Baker requested an answer.
The final reply was:  We only borrow what we need.
Looking at the financials for Feb.13/2017 meeting, I note a debenture for $1,850,000.
My question remains the same, what was the $313,822 for?
Tendered price should reflect the actual cost, should it not?
Requested information was not forthcoming then, and is this a means to increase bank account outside of budget?
John Van Cleemput

Wastewater solutions right here in Lloyd

Dear editor:
As it happens, my daughter and family came down from Calgary to visit for the weekend and my son in-law saw the article Geoff Lee did about the “Local Solution to wastewater problem” which sparked a discussion over breakfast as he works for an energy company that has been using a “Local Solution” from Lloydminster for years in the oil sands.
I know we have an innovative community, but my neighbours ... had asked how the proverbial oil and water mixed?
Matthew went about explaining local company, Brain Blender (Technologies), had provided a system to treat wastewater so it could be reused and eliminate the tailing ponds and the tailings were a far more complex chemical soup than simple municipal wastewater and it was just a matter of sizing it down as city volume wouldn’t be close to the enormous daily output of a oil sand facility and from what he heard they did it for a one-sixth of the cost and paid for itself well over the three years since it went into use.
Just some simple math on the estimated bill for the wastewater plant one-sixth of $80 million is $13 million. That seems like a better solution to me.
Maybe city council could use the same tactics used in getting the $10 million deficit on the city budget down to a surplus so taxes would not have to increase in an already hard time.
This is where the world gets smaller as my neighbour said he heard ... they built something like it for their neighbour’s cabin a small so they wouldn’t have to put in a sceptic tank and it was also a garbage disposal that used solar power.
My daughter, Amanda, mentioned Catherine McKenna, minister of Environment, had mentionedthe other day that Canadian innovation (is) taking us into the future, which seems pretty high praise for our little city.
With all the downturn in our area it seems only prudent we “Shop Local,” not only for goods, but also for solutions as the money will stay in Lloydminster and, hopefully, put some people back to work.
As a result of the downturn, the local economic breakfast meetings have come to an end. Many of us looked forward to hearing what was happening in the city ... and (gave) developers a chance to express ideas, which was in part the crux of how people voted in the new city council.
As Mayor (Gerald) Aalbers said: “We’re investing public money ....” With those breakfasts no longer taking place, it only makes sense the city would hold a town hall (meeting) so the Tecvalco, Brain Blender, and whomever else could show solutions ... so more eyes could take a look at it.
We have many innovative people in Lloydminster (which) ... could lead to the best possible solution.
Maggie Harris

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