Sale moo-ving ahead

By Geoff Lee

January 26, 2017 12:00 AM

BULLISH The annual M.C. Quantock bull sale goes ahead Saturday at the Lloydminster Exhibition Grounds with 450 of their own bulls. FILE LLS PHOTO

It’s no bull this year’s M.C. Quantock Livestock Corp. bull sale will likely be another good year for prices.
That’s the word from company owner, Mac Creech who will auction up to 450 bulls raised at his M. C. Quantock ranch north of Lloydminster.
“We’ve come off two amazingly good years,” said Creech who describes them as being recording setting years.
“Since that time prices have come off a little bit but still—very, very good.”
The annual M.C. Quantock sale will take place at the Lloydminster Exhibition Grounds this Saturday from noon to 6 p.m.
All of the bulls up for auction are two year-olds in eight different lines produced at the local ranch.
These include Black Super Baldie, Super Baldie Bulls, Super Guppie and H-2 bulls along with registered two year old Red Angus, Black Angus,  Dehorned Hereford and Charolais bulls.
“All these breeds have a part to play in the commercial — in the ranchers’ breeding program,” said Creech who is a doctor of veterinary medicine.
He said what ranchers do is they cross the breeds and sell new born calves.
The bull buyers will be commercial cattlemen from across Western Canada with the largest number expected from Alberta and Saskatchewan and the bidding expected to be brisk.
“The good commercial cattlemen can pay us what they believe they can afford and what they believe the bulls are worth,” said Creech.
“It will be good, the cattle industry is good, the attitude’s good, the outlook’s good.”
There will be no live online auction for buyers who can’t attend in person, but M.C. Quantock has built a solid reputation of selecting the right bulls at the right prices for those customers with their Sight Unseen Purchase Plan.
“We’ve been through 48 bull sales and sold in excess of 11,000 bulls over time, so we’ve been at it a long time,” said Creech who notes his grandfather came from England bought the ranch in 1905 and called it Quantock.
“Just to delineate this generation, it’s called M.C. Quantock,” he explained.
Today the ranch maintains about 1,000 head of cattle with additional grazing land spread over 160 kilometres or so by Creech’s reckoning.
He says the annual M.C. Quantock bull sale is a big production and the focal point of the ranch for the whole year.
“Our permanent employees will all be there, but it will take a crew before we are all done of 50 people to pull it all off and get everything done, from looking after the cattle, to selling the cattle and doing the book work afterward,” said Creech.
The auctioneer will be Saskatoon-based Chris Poley who Creech calls the best young auctioneer of pure bred cattle and may be worth the price of admission.
The auction will take place in the sales pavilion and the Saskatchewan Building.
“We get a lot of interested spectators—the sale is kind of an event; it’s pretty action packed and quick,” he said.

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