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February 4, 2016 10:06 AM

February is here and for high school students, it brings the second semester.
For LCHS students, finals wrapped up on Jan. 28 to the relief of us all.
Some students have spent the last while at study sessions or curled up with their books, while others have put off studying for as long as they could.
Whichever study habit students used, it tired us out; we’re ready for a break and a new semester.
Whether semester two brings a lighter or heavier workload it also brings a new start and, more importantly, the excitement that summer seems that much closer.
The Grade 10 students are now familiar with what high school finals are like and the Grade 12 students only have one more set to go before they are let loose into the world.
Of course, second semester can be seen as both an opportunity and an obstacle.
Now is the time for any failed classes to be redeemed, but may also be a time to struggle through new courses.
It may be hard for the seniors leaving high school to stay motivated by the end of the year once we are all on the paths we want, but we need to push through it.
Personally, I will be enjoying every last moment of second semester.
Last year, when I was a Grade 11 student, I took 12 courses — which meant I had no spares —  along with an after school class and a lunch class.
Having such a heavy schedule, along with taking part in school clubs, was lots of work and there were times I felt so overworked that the stress would make me physically ill.
All of this, along with a death in the family, made me want to drop all of my activities and I was tempted to drop some classes; however, because I took so many courses in Grade 11, I have enough classes that I can afford two spares in second semester, along with the one I had in first semester.
Now that I’ve given myself a break I’ve found Grade 12 to be the least stressful year of high school, which is the opposite of what I always thought was supposed to happen.
That’s not to say I don’t work my hardest in my few courses, but it’s easier to find time outside of school now, since my spares allow for time to finish work.
I would advise any Grade 10 or 11 student to take as many classes in those first two years as possible without becoming overwhelmed.
The more free time you find in Grade 12, the easier it is to focus on the tasks at hand.
By the time you get to Grade 12, you have to ensure you have the classes needed to graduate and get into the post-secondary program you want.
Having spares allows for room in your schedule if you decide to change the program you were originally interested in or if there’s a problem with credits.  There are only five months of school left so now’s the time to power through it and make memories while we can.

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