My year wasn't so bad


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January 7, 2016 10:46 AM

The last day of 2015 and the sun is shining.
Really nice day.
No hoar frost to report just a light breeze.
That’s what we’ll get six months from now; sunny with a light breeze.
I woke with a start on Dec. 31. I looked at my bedside clock, it said 8:13.  I never liked 13s in my life. I just knew this day was either special or I maybe should not get out of bed.
As that cartoon character, Elmer Fudd used to say, we must be wery, wery carefoo.
I started my morning routine same as usual.
I got out my test equipment and put a strip in the tester. Stabbed myself, put the blood on the test strip: 6.4 — that’s fine for a diabetic like me.
I needle up and eat my pills, nothing unusual there. Because it was one of those mornings and I still have my Aunt Signe’s blood pressure monitor, I put it on: 149 over 74, 89 strokes per minute. That’s about the same as it usually is.
About that time my wife Bev delivers breakfast.
I have three eggs, two pieces of toast and a cup of coffee — every morning!
She used to say to me, “Don’t you get tired of the same breakfast every morning.”
No, I don’t, I like it. Nothing unusual there!
I get in my truck and head out. I go south along the west side of the Communiplex to get to the east west road. Then I go straight east to the Petting Zoo then a short jog up to Highway 16.
As I drive along I admire the outdoor skating oval.  What a good thing for kids. Tip of my hat to the City of Lloydminster. That’s a really good idea and didn’t cost too much.
As I’m driving along the back road, I slow down for an intersection and out of the ditch pops a weasel. He stops and looks at me and I look at him. He’s about half grown. He’s totally white except for the tip of his tail which is black.
Then he turns and scampers off down the ditch. Now that is most unusual to even see a weasel.
Red letter day indeed!
It doesn’t take very long as soon as you’re on Highway 16 before you can see the Battle River hills to the south.
When the weather’s going to be mild, the hills stand up.
They were standing up. Okay mild in January is not normal but it is unusual. I like it!
I had a date with my two granddaughters to clean on the house on the farm.
The last renter left a hell of a mess.
I picked them up and we drove over and the girls went right to work.
The double sink was piled high and there were also dishes in the bath tub.
It took the girls two hours to wash and put away all the dishes.
The girls gathered up garbage, some in closets and all over. Six large bags. We delivered it to the dumpster. Then I got to take the girls for dinner.
They’re good workers. I am truly blessed.
The rest of the day I sold five more books and delivered three more bottles of Crown Royal to my renters. I explained to them Crown Royal is like a tool like a hammer or wrenches. If the
hammer’s the only tool you have that’s not good.
You go around hammering on things, things get broke, things get wrecked.
That’s no good. If you’re using too much Crown Royal, that’s no good either.
It is to be taken just a shot before you go to bed.
After four o’clock I was on the return trip to Lloydminster. Before that you fight the sun.
I got back in time to get in the car with my wife and meet another couple for supper. We tried out the new Sawmill Restaurant.
The food was good, but it really took a bit out of my old age pension cheque. I had a pleasant time.
We returned home. No midnight party for these two old fuddies.
I watched a hockey game on TV and Bev went to bed. I watched the news and then fireworks on TV.
Then off to bed. The end for an interesting and pleasurable day that started at 8:13.
As I lay there waiting for sleep to take me I reflected on all the changes in my life in 2015.
Last January my friends were dying like flies and I was going to have my seventieth birthday.
It was early in the year that my wife got sick.
At one point she was in the hospital in Edmonton and I was in the hospital in Lloydminster with pneumonia.
Not very romantic when we’re both in hospitals 250 miles apart. I got out in a week but she had to stay another month.
I went back to the farm as there were dogs and cats to look after. I can tell you after 47 years of being together it is a mighty lonely existence with just some dogs and cats.
When Bev came back to Lloydminster, we rented an apartment in the same building as her mom and dad.
We have since bought a house.
When it became apparent to me that my legs were not going to allow me to farm as I could only with great difficulty get in the tractor, I realized I would have to quit.
I sold the pasture that had been in the family since the teens and rented out the rest of the farmland.
I miss fixing things, getting things ready but I just can’t do it anymore
After much doctoring around I’m now waiting for an MRI on the bottom of my back for answers.
That’s my 2015 story.
We’re in the beginning of a new year 2016, and I wish for everyone good health and happiness.

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