Busy times at the Lakeland College Energy Centre


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April 9, 2015 8:15 AM

The Lakeland College Energy Centre has some events coming up in the months ahead with the commission of their new power plant lab, an upcoming advisory committee meeting and the official grand opening of the centre itself, which is expected to take place in the late summer.

Kara Johnston, director of energy, entrepreneurship and aboriginal programming, said they’re excited about the new lab that will be fully operational by June.

“The new lab is a fully functional power plant and it’s a teaching lab so it’s function, of course, is to teach our power engineering students but it also has a secondary function which means it heats the whole Lloydminster campus building, which is pretty cool.”

Johnston said he lab will lower energy costs for Lakeland and is generally quite efficient. Not only is it heating the school but the facility is a practical application unto itself as students learn how to run the power plant and monitor the building through a control panel to see how it’s working.

Another event coming up that Johnston said is important is the advisory committee meeting where faculty and industry members get together and bounce ideas back and forth to improve the future of programs and ensure the college produces desirable workers.

“We have a very strong connection to industry in this community. The committee meeting is coming up at the end of April and what it does is it allows industry to give us feedback on our programs and allows us to run some things by them to see what their thoughts are,” she said. “All of our program changes, for example, things like the diploma program, have come out of these committee meetings.

“We strive to have programs that fulfil industry needs, so this advisory committee is a critical part of that. We’re pretty excited to have that meeting, to chat about the future of the program and where we’re going and about the shifts that are occurring in industry right now.”

Even though the energy centre is currently in use by students, the grand opening isn’t expected to take place until late August or early September. By this time the power plant will be in full operation and ready for display when students and parents come to check out the event.

“We’re quite excited about this facility - it’s kind of the jewel on the Lloydminster campus. We want an opportunity to show it off and students will be very involved in that day. They’ll be doing tours and teaching the public about what they will learn there. We’ve got some fun stuff up our sleeves as well.”

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