Lakeland College ready for intake at new energy facility


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July 22, 2014 8:10 AM

The arrival of the 'O' and 'D' Boilers at the new energy facility at Lakeland College, puts the college one step closer to finishing the energy facility for the first intake of students at the beginning of August. - Christopher W. Brown Photo

Lakeland College is now one step closer to opening its new energy facility.

Last week, Lakeland College received two new boilers that students will be using in the upcoming semester.

Greg Shalay, one of the instructors at Lakeland College, said that the new power engineering lab will be beneficial to students around the Lakeland College area.

“These boilers were built in Oklahoma, they are teaching purposes specifically, but they will also be integrated into the heating systems of the college,” Shalay said in an interview.

“They will be working boilers as well.”

The two boilers are somewhat similar, but the shape and the layout are the biggest differences, according to Shalay.

“If you look at the front of ‘D’ boiler, the drums are off to the side, and the furnace is off to the side, and it makes it look like a letter D,” he said. “The ‘O’ boiler has the drums right above each other, and the furnace bulges out the side of it, which makes it look like a big O.”

The outputs of the boilers are somewhat similar, according to Shalay.

Dr. Robert Jago, the chair of energy programming at Lakeland College, said that with the boilers arriving, the college is as ready as its ever going to be for students to start using the facility in August.

“There is a huge wrap up from last year. We went from an intake of 40 students last year to over 100 students this year. So it was a huge logistic challenge for not only our department, but for the college as well.”

Jago said that Aug. 6 will be the first intake of students for the energy program at Lakeland College.

“The benefits of having a staggered intake is that we don’t have to have all 100 students show up on one date for classes,” he said.

With the addition of the new wing and the increase of enrollment at the college, Jago said he believes that Lakeland College is now in a unique position to help it’s students grow.

“It’s precedent setting for Lakeland College, it’s by far the biggest challenge that Lakeland College has taken on in years,” he said.

“Not only with the academic programming and increased student body, but also the new building and the commissioning and background that the college had to undertake to create the program and building.”

The new program that the boilers will be using will give an advantage over other colleges, according to Jago.

“We are excited about where Lakeland College has gone, and where it’s going. That is with the understanding of the changes that are coming as well,” he said.

“The Association of Power Engineering, for which Lakeland College is part of, sets regulations and curriculums for power engineering courses across Canada.

“They recently made a number of changes over the past couple of years. Our students are going to be ideally positioned to go to any province with this new program in place at Lakeland College.”

Completion on the new wing of Lakeland College is expected to be done by November 2014, with full integration of students by January 2015.

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